International Union of Nutritional Sciences Newsletter
June 2021

In the latest issue, Dr Shweta Vandana Feher and Prof Ali Dhansay from ImpENSA discuss how the multicentre capacity building project aims to improve micronutrient nutrition in South Africa.

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The Leader, African Nutrition Leadership Programme Newsletter
June 2021

COVID-19 has impacted the ImpENSA project too. Estelle Strydom and Edelweiss Wentzel-Viljoen highlight how the project has adapted during these challenging times.

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North-West University Centre of Excellence for Nutrition, virtual Research Forum.
October 2020

Dr Wendy Lawrence from the University of Southampton introducing the “Healthy Conversation Skills” module of the ImpENSA Training Programme which was showcased at the Forum. The module will focus on skills development to facilitate behaviour change during the first thousand days of life.

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10th Child Health Priorities Conference, North-West University
November 2019

Prof Havemann-Nel from North-West University presenting on the training needs and challenges of South African healthcare professionals supporting early life nutrition.

Grow Great Seminar, Johannesburg
October 2019

Mrs Estelle Strydom  from North-West University represents ImpENSA with a poster presentation.

North-West University News
August 2019

Feature on the ImpENSA collaboration and capacity building project.