Welcome to the website of the Early Nutrition Academy!

Here you will find an introduction to the science of early nutrition and metabolic programming, the aims of the academy, trainings and post-graduate courses, useful links to research literature on early nutrition programming and information about future events and related fields of research.

The Early Nutrition Academy (ENA) was established along with the Early Nutrition Programming Project (EARNEST) to

  • foster nutrition research and its standards, in particular as it relates to nutrition in women of childbearing age, infants and children, including basic science, epidemiology and applied nutrition, as well as standards of nutrition practice
  • foster nutrition education
  • provide training in research skills
  • communicate research findings
  • foster implementation and dissemination of knowledge
  • help shape EU policy
  • help transfer knowledge and technology to commercial users

To reach these goals the academy offers trainings and post-graduate courses held by cooperation partners in various institutions across Europe. These courses will be announced here and you will find information about the schedule and the enrollment procedure of the next course.

ENeA Global
ENeA Global offers CME accredited eLearning modules covering topics in the area of early nutrition and lifestyle for healthcare professionals. ENeA Global provides comprehensive theoretical knowledge and practical applications based on current international recommendations and the latest scientific findings. The modules are written and reviewed by leading international experts in the field of early nutrition.

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ENeA SEA develops innovative e-learning for practicing doctors in the field of early nutrition in Southeast Asia. EU, Thai and Malaysian partners comprised of universities/institutions and professional organizations in nutrition are jointly developing science-based education, tailored to the needs of the Southeast Asian region. Our goal is to offer the latest recommendations for everyday practice and maximise outreach to the wider healthcare community.

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Women who plan to have a child should keep an eye on their diets even before they become pregnant: Our online course elucidates the impact of the expectant mother’s nutrition and lifestyle on the health of the child. Together we can work to change the health outcomes of children around the world!

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