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Previous Trainings, Workshops and Symposia

14-16/05/2020, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Early Nutrition Academy Postgraduate Course 2020, "Early Programming of Systemic Functions"

26/05/2015, London, UK
ENA/Project EarlyNutrition Workshop on "Cardiovascular Function in Pregnancy",

01/12/2014, Warsaw, Poland
ENA/EarlyNutrition scientific workshop on "EBM in Early Nutrition: a review on systematic reviews and meta-analysis"

28/11/2013, Amsterdam, Netherlands
ENA / EarlyNutrition workshop on practical training in anthropometry, kindly hosted by the University of Amsterdam.
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Internal Anthropometry Session and study visit set up for WP 12: 11-years CHOP visit
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20-24/03/2013, Obergurgl. Austria
ENA / ESPGHAN Scientific Workshop on “Public-private partnership in clinical research during pregnancy and childhood: towards a position statement”
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14-15/01/2013, Munich, Germany
ENA/EarlyNutrition research workshop on "Analysis of Child Growth Trajectories"
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23/10/2012, Seggau, Austria
ENA/EarlyNutrition research workshop on "The Placenta and ist Role for Fetal and Neonatal Development"
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11/06/2012, Granada, Spain
ENA/Máster Nutrenvigen-G+D Factors: 2nd Forum Discussion - Lipids and Programming
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18-20/04/2012, Reus, Spain
Early Nutrition Academy Symposium on "Nutritional Programming, from theory to practice"
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17-21/03/2012, Obergurgl, Austria
ENA/Project EarlyNutrition research workshop "Assessing early Growth and Adiposity"
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09-11/09/2011, Warnemünde, Germany
Oskar Keller Symposium on "Metabolic Flexibility on Human and Animal Nutrition" organised by Earnest Partner FBN, Cornelia Metges

14-16/06/2011, Tutzing, Germany
EURRECA/ENA scientific workshop "Critical micronutrients in pregnancy, lactation and infancy"
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24/05/2011, Sorrent, Italy (satellite to the 44th annual ESPGHAN conference)
Child Health Foundation/ENA Scientific Workshop on "Quality and safety aspects of infant nutrition"

28-30/03/2011, Tutzing, Germany
Child Health Foundation/ENA Scientific Workshop on "Documentation of functional effects of infant nutrition" (in collaboration with ESPGHAN)

22-24/03/2011, Kyiv, Ukraine
ENA co-sponsored Workshop on "Malnutrition in children with disabilities in level 3-4 internats: clinical signs and symptoms, treatment and prevention", "Paediatric Nutrition Update"
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15-18/09/2010, Santander (Cantabria), Spain
ENA Cantabria postgraduate school "Early nutrition and physical activity: determinants for metabolic programming"
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05/05/2010 Munich, Germany
ENA Training on neurological test procedures (organised by URV, UGR, LMU) prior to the 10th Earnest General Assembly meeting at the Dr.von Hauner's Children Hospital
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October 2009 - July 2010, offered by EARNEST partner University of Bristol, UK
Short courses in research methods
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01-04/10/2009, Granada, Spain
ENA Granada Postgraduate School: "Role of nutrition on brain development and behaviour" (organized by Christina Campoy, University of Granada)
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24 and 26/09/2009, Cracow, Poland
ENA Workshop "Epidemiology and Statistics for Early life Researchers"
International phd training course "How to get your phd successfully done"
organized by the Earnest Management Team
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03/04/2009, Warnemünde, Germany
ENA Cross-Theme Workshop on assessing brain function and behaviour (organized by Christina Campoy and Michael Symonds), within the 8th biannual Earnest Meeting

09-13/02/2009, Sierra Nevada, Granada-Spain
ENA Granada Winter School
International Course "Pregnancy and Programming"
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10/10/2008, Glasgow, UK
Training on "Current Techniques in Measuring Body Composition"
Organisor: Earnest partner Kathy Kennedy, Mary Fewtrell (UCLON)
half day /morning session (following the Earnest GA meeting)
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25/04/2008, Granada, ES
ENA Training on "Unlocking your potential for fame and fortune: press releases, presentations and proposals - everything you need to know about scientific communication"
ENA Workshop on "Methodological and practical issues related to compiling and comparing data on maternal dietary intake in European birth cohorts for Joint Analysis of Diet in Pregnancy"
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17/10/2007, Prague, Czech Republic

  • Training course: Measurement of the Bioelectrical Impedance Vector; Analysis with the TANITA Scale BC-418 MA (T 60), Presenter: Warren Howell (Business Unit Manager, Professional products/ Tanita UK)
  • Physical Activity and Lifestyle Questionnaire (T60), Presenter: Veronica Luque
  • Training course: "Culture Fair Intelligence Tests - Scale 1", (Neurological test at T 66), Presenter: Traudl Schmid (Teacher for children with learning disabilities)

08-12/10/2007, Dummerstorf, DE
Methods for the investigation of energy and substrate metabolism in pigs and mice, maximum number of participants: 8, organiser: Earnest Partner Cornelia Metges, FBN
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06-08/09/2007 PROBIT III Training Week, Minsk, Belarus
Overview of PROBIT III, Glucometry & Blood collection, Consent and data forms
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07/04/2006, Brussels, BE
Anthropometric Workshop organised by Earnest Partners
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07-08/04/2006, Brussels, BE
Media Training organised by Earnest Partner Minerva
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30/01-03/02/2006, Dummerstorf, DE
Workshop: Methods of nutrition physiology: Energy and nutrient metabolism using indirect calorimetry and stable isotope techniques in animals, organised by Earnest Partner FBN
Target Group: PHD Students, Postdocs, GA
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13/10/2005, Barcelona, ES
Proteins Workshop: The role of  proteins in infant health and development, organised by Earnest Partners ORDESA + AREXIS
Prebiotic Workshop: Inulin and oligofructose as functional ingredients to improve health
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03-05/10/2005, Groningen, NL
Workshop: Neurodevelopmental testing at school age, organised by Earnest Partners UMCG + UCLON
Target Group: LCPUFA trials (London, Groningen), CHOP follow-up
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04-09/09/2005, Athens, EL
ESPGHAN & Earnest Summer School: Research Challenges in Clinical Nutrition
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14-15/07/2005, Groningen, NL
Workshop: Neurodevelopmental testing (Hempel) at preschool age organised by Earnest partner UMCG
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