Project Description

This is an Erasmus capacity building project that focuses on the importance of micronutrients in the first 1000 days of life. The project will develop and implement a blended learning programme that will enable health care personnel to effectively communicate health care messages and support pregnant women and caregivers of children in the first 2 years of life.

The project is divided into seven interlinked work packages (WP), each lead by a consortium partner:

WP 1: Preparation (months 1-6)

An in-depth analysis of the existing training needs and landscape in South Africa to generate a directed and appropriate curriculum for the training programme. 

WP lead: North-West University

WP 2: Development I (months 6-12)

Setting up the content for the training programme. Generation of a training programme descriptor and contents for the eLearning modules on micronutrient nutrition in the first thousand days and communication for behaviour change, and the face-to-face training components on practical counselling and pedagogical skills. 

WP lead: University of Southampton

WP 3: Development II (months 9-24)

Implementation and maintenance of the ImpENSA eLearning platform, compiling instruction design and media creation SOPs, creation of eLearning Module 1 (knowledge development on diet and micronutrients) and Modules 2 and 3 (counselling skills training support material). 

WP lead: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich

WP 4: Development III (months 9-35)

Creation of Module 4 (Training of the Trainer) and preparation of training material for the module. Setting up in-house and mobile training facilities for the delivery of the training programme. Delivery of the programme with Module 4 and piloting of the programme by trained trainers. Development of a draft business model to ensure sustainability of the project.

WP lead: University of Cape Town

WP 5: Quality Plan (months 1-36)

Monitoring of the project within the consortium, planning evaluation studies and designing data collection tools to evaluate the training programme, and the programme piloted by the trained trainers. Conducting a follow-up competence assessment.

WP lead: Medical University Warsaw

WP 6: Dissemination (months 1-36)

Creation and maintenance of the ImpENSA website and other social media activities. Generation of corporate identity materials, newsletters, publications, press releases, videos, expert statements and presentations at related conferences and meetings. 

WP lead: Stellenbosch University

WP 7: Management (months 1-36)

Creation of the project management and controlling systems, and internal and communication platforms. Steering project panels and boards and organisation of project meetings. Planning, guidance and implementation of project reports.

WP lead: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich