North-West University (NWU)

The Faculty of Health Sciences of the NWU directs its programmes and activities towards the pursuit of relevant knowledge and innovation in health sciences in order to promote and improve the health of the population of South Africa, Africa and the world via education, research, services and community involvement.

The role of NWU in the project:

  • Closely working with LMU, the lead institution, coordinate the project activities in South Africa.
  • In-depth analysis of existing training landscape, needs and curriculum setting in South Africa.
  • Development of a sustainable business model.
  • Generate Best practice model of incorporating ImpENSA Training Course in inhouse qualification and education programmes (postgraduate and pregraduate).
  • Facilitation of the Training Course curriculum design and the development of eLearning module on diet and micronutrients for the First 1000 days, ensuring the Training Course and eLearning modules are appropriate for South Africa context.
  • Organisation of the Training Course in Johannesburg (NWU).
  • Identification of the Training Course pilot sites and coordination of the pilot training deliveries.

Work package 1 lead: Preparation: In-depth analysis of existing training landscape, needs and curriculum setting

Team Members

Dr. Tertia van Zyl
Subject Head Dietetics at NWU
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✆ +27 18 299 2467

Prof. Marius Smuts
Director: NWU Centre of Excellence for Nutrition
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✆  +27 18 299 2086

Estelle Strydom
SA Project Manager
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✆  +27 18 299 2399

Prof. Jeannine Baumgartner
Affiliated with Human Nutrition Laboratory at ETH Zurich in Switzerland and Centre of Excellence for Nutrition at NWU in South Africa
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✆ +27 18 299 4018

Prof. Lize Havemann-Nel
SA Project Coordinator
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✆  +27 18 299 2399

Prof Edelweiss Wentzel-Viljoen
Extra-ordinary professor of nutrition at the Centre of Excellence for Nutrition (CEN) at NWU, with expertise in curriculum development
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Prof. Welma Lubbe
Specialist midwife and neonatal nurse and educator; Professor in NWU Quality in Nursing and Midwifery (NuMIQ) research focus area
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✆  +27 18 299 1898

Dr. Robin Dolman
Program Leader NWU Dietetics/Nutrition
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✆ +27 18 299 4059

Prof. Grieta Hanekom
Director: NWU School of Physiology, Nutrition and Consumer Sciences; Chairperson of Professional Board for Dietetics and Nutrition
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✆  +27 18 299 2027

Mrs Chantell Witten
Senior lecturer with expertise in child rights advocacy and intersectoral partnerships
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✆  +27 18 299 2473