Focus Module - The Milk Fat Globule and its Membrane

Human milk fat is a major source of energy for the breastfed infant. It also provides infants with essential nutrients and bioactive components that support health and development.

In human milk, fat is present in the form of so called Milk Fat Globules (MFG). Components from the milk fat globule membrane, such as proteins, polar lipids and cholesterol, have been linked to potential benefits for the infant’s health. In this module, you will learn about the latest scientific evidence on human milk fats and their positive effects on gastrointestinal and metabolic health, and other health outcomes such as immunity and neurodevelopment.

An overview of the complex composition of the MFG is presented, including the physiological effects of its bioactive molecules. Moreover, this module will introduce you to recent findings exploring the potential benefits of supplementing breast milk substitutes with MFGs from bovine origin.