What is ENeA?

The Early Nutrition eAcademy (ENeA) is an e-learning co-operation initiated by the Early Nutrition Academy (ENA) and the Dr. von Hauner Children’s Hospital at the LMU Medical Center Munich.

E-learning (or open and distance learning, ODL) is of growing importance in the medical and life science education fields. Due to ever-growing globalization and the increased need for flexibility, even in the medical and life sciences arena, new and innovative methods of education and life-long learning are burning issues. Moreover, time, travel and cost constraints make flexible access to education necessary.

ENeA's aims is to provide CME accredited e-learning modules on topics in the area of early nutrition by translating the latest scientific findings from international research collaborations such as the European Union funded EARNEST and EarlyNutrition projects, and other co-operating initiatives, into practical application. The e-modules are conceptualized for qualification of health care professionals and new investigators throughout the world who aim at fostering their careers and improving health care services in the area of early nutrition. The modules are created and peer-reviewed by leading international experts in the field.

We invite you to join the Early Nutrition eAcademy and to learn more about the fascinating world of early nutrition!

On behalf of the ENeA Scientific Committee,

Berthold Koletzko